Washington, DC Vacations – museums, monuments and more

Washington, DC has always been one of my favorite places. It vies San Francisco for being the most beautiful city in the country. And it is full of all kinds of treasures – government monuments, museums, monuments, parks, shopping and dining. Washington also has some of the most appealing residential areas in the US

Family recreation usually begins in the famous Washington store, a grassy area lined with the US chapter at one end, and a Washington Monument at the other end. You can take a tour of the Capitol, which includes two rooms, the Rotunda and the National Sculpture Hall, which contain US history in the form of works of art and sculptures. You can also watch the congress at the meeting, but you will need to get your pass from the office of your representative or senator in advance of your visit. At the west end of the shopping center, the elevator takes you to the top of the 555-meter Washington Monument and offers stunning views of DC and its suburbs of Maryland and Virginia.

North of the Mall is probably the most famous address in the world, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where some famous residents reside. The White House welcomes visitors, but only if they have requested and received a reservation from their representative or senator a month in advance. A separate tour includes the Eastern Room, the largest building and venue for many ceremonies and press conferences, the Blue Room, where the White House Christmas Tree stands every year, the Green Room, and the Red Room.

So many attractions with a blue chip line the Mall along the north and south sides. You may want to start with a distinctive red sandstone building that previously contained the main collection of Smithsonian museums. Known as the Castle, it now houses the Smithsonian Information Center. Here you can focus on a short-lived movie, a model of Washington, and information on 17 museums and a zoo in Washington. Castle Cafe offers delicious food at a reasonable price and is a good lunch at the store.

The National Air and Space Museum is one of the most interesting places on the Mall. Being the most visited museum in the world is no coincidence. The Wright Brothers, Kitty Hawk, is on display just like Charles Lindbergh St. Louis St. Louis and Lockhead Vega, which Amelia Earhart piloted in 1932 as the first woman to cross the Atlantic solo. The device has a planetarium and IMAX theater that both will make you feel like you are flying through space.

The National Gallery is another Mall attraction that deserves a considerable amount of time during your visit. The gallery consists of two buildings, an original majestic white structure and a dramatic modern addendum to IM Pei, which was opened in 1978. The National Archives is an impressive marble building that houses the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Charter of Rights, all bulletproof glass. . The National Museum of Natural History is another irresistible destination in the Mall. The 1.5 million square foot building, 18 football pitches, contains historical and cultural exhibits including dinosaurs, gems and butterflies. The characteristic structure of the contemporary Hirshhorn Museum is the site of the Mall for Modern Art and features the creations of Picasso, Warhol, and their other ilk.

Washington's amazing collection of fascinating attractions continues just a short walk from the shopping center. Examples include the Corcoran Art Gallery, the International Spy Museum and the National Museum of American History.

Rock Creek Park is the king of DC parks, extending 12 kilometers from the Potomac River to the Maryland border. In this urban oasis of beauty, visitors can enjoy picnics, walking, cycling, playing tennis or fishing. Rock Creek Park is home to the Barron Carter Amphitheater and the National Zoo.

Some of Washington's premier neighborhoods include Georgetown, known for its restored townhouses, bars, restaurants and luxury stores; Dupont Circle with historic houses and foreign embassies; and Adams Morgan, known for his lively nightlife. Suburban DC also has amazing places to live, such as Fairfax, VA; Silver Spring, MD; Kensington, MD and super-rich Potomac, MD.

Great restaurants abound in Washington, and only a few recognized places are Komi (Greek), Citronelle (French) and Prime Rib (steak restaurant). My favorite is Filomena, which I love for the festive atmosphere, excellent Italian cuisine and location in Georgetown near Potomac.