Top 4 Zombie Movies / 21st Century TV Shows

Recently, more and more people have become obsessed with zombies. It doesn't help that zombie incidents happen in real life! One of the last incidents involving a naked man in Florida. Are you in love with zombies? Need to quench your thirst for more blood and human flesh? In this article, you'll find information on the top 4 of my lists of the best Zombie movies or TV series in the 21st century.

The first one I would like to mention is Walking Dead, perhaps the best TV series I have ever watched. There are a few things to love about this TV show. First, an Asian character, Steven Yuen, gets some with the hottest white chickens in the show. Second, zombies have amazing makeup. Third, there is a great story line. The story is based on The Walking Dead & # 39; comic series. Unlike most shows, TV series more or less resemble the true story line of comics. A group of survivors are traveling across the country to find safe haven. During the show they will reach several locations such as Atlanta, CDC and an abandoned prison. It's full of bloody scenes, horror moments and bad asses. Don't miss this great TV series.

The second is 28 days later (I'll include the sequel, also 28 weeks later). 28 Days Later is a 2002 British horror film that captures the collapse of society. It is full of tension and horror. So how does society disintegrate? Some unfortunate souls release a highly contagious rage virus that spreads like a fire. The film is based on four survivors who try to cope in this strange, new environment and find a way to stay away from the bloodthirsty zombies.

The third film is 2009 Zombieland. We really like this movie because it takes a different approach. He's trying to draw a comedy element into the Zombie movie. The film is basically about a group of survivors traveling in the southwestern US to find refuge without nasty zombies. It was so successful that it has become a top zombie movie to date! This movie reminds me of Left 4 Dead.

The last one I want to mention quickly is Dawn of the Dead. Another film based on a group of survivors taking care of themselves in a shopping mall.