The best historic bed and breakfast in the USA

A typical bed and breakfast usually offers bed and breakfast. The beauty of staying in bed and breakfasts is a personal, cozy touch that is like a home away from home. For a more private and calmer stay, some travelers prefer breakfast places, with an average of only about six to twelve rooms.

There are many excellent B & B sites in America and some of the best are restored mansions and private homes that have historic ties to the area. These restored houses are the product of two pieces of legislation: the National Historical Protection Act of 1966 and the Tax Reform Act of 1976. The legislation allowed tax rebates to be granted for the restoration and restoration of historic houses.

We have collected a list of the best historic bed and breakfasts in America, where visitors will appreciate great architecture and experience interesting stories.

1. Twelve oaks

Twelve Oaks, located in Covington, Georgia, evoke the legendary headquarters of Margaret Mitchell's novel Gone with the Wind. It was chosen as one of the top ten B & Bs in the US. Built in 1836, the castle has eight luxurious rooms with modern amenities and a private bathroom. Located near historic Covington Square, the city is full of antelope settlements. It is also conveniently located just 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta.

2. Aaron Burr House

This B&B stands at the very spot of the house where the third US Vice President hid after his infamous battle with Alexander Hamilton, who ended Hamilton's life. The original stone foundation, located in New Hope, Pennsylvania, is the only thing on Aaron Burrin's house that remains today. All accommodations are decorated with unique templates and have beautiful, shiny hardwood floors. With interest in Hamilton and Burr for the hit Broadway musical it will certainly arouse great interest.

3. Tivoli Castle

Chateau Tivoli, one of the best historic breads and breakfasts on the West Coast, is located in San Francisco, California. The structure itself is very well known, as it is one of the most famous "Painted Ladies" of Steiner Street, which is projected into San Francisco postcards. Built in 1892, the structure has been used for various purposes for years. The bed and breakfast was opened in 1989 and has nine richly named accommodations.

4. Battlefield Bed and Breakfast

Located in Pennsylvania, right on the Gettysburg battlefield. It is one of the most unique bed and breakfasts in the country as it gives visitors a unique experience of life during the Civil War. Originally built as a farmhouse in 1809, it has an original beamed ceiling, maroon wooden floors and stone walls. Each room has a theme that honors soldiers at South Cavalry Battlefield. There is a historical lesson from the costumed characters of the Civil War.

5. Sugar Hill Harlem Inn

Located right in the center of New York, the area where the inn is located is right in the middle of the early 20th century by the Harlem Renaissance. This is where the black families moved. The Duke of Ellington, the poet Langston Hughes, and former Justice of the Supreme Judge Thurgood Marshall lived in this area. The inn has 5 themed rooms, all named after prominent African-Americans.