St. John's Virgin Islands – Go Casual

When an old man's winter arrives with a freezing pace, ice, snow and howling winds, many of us dream of getting away from it all. St. John, on the US Virgin Islands, is a paradise on earth for travelers who enjoy tropical breezes, sandy beaches, azure water and plentiful sunshine.

Journey to St. John is easy thanks to the recognition of this tropical flight by airlines. Some carriers offer direct flights to the US Virgin Islands from several eastern US airports, while others offer connecting flights after short stops at major airports such as Atlanta, Miami or Charlotte. After landing in St. Enjoy a relaxing ferry ride to the neighboring St. Thomas Island. John. Traveling to the islands is even easier and perhaps even more spontaneous; a passport is not required. When you leave for St. During the coldest time of year in the north, John may find it difficult to dress properly and pack in his days of island life. When you leave the plane in St. Thomas, you'll be quite uncomfortable in everything that resembles winter clothing. It is therefore recommended that you wear your clothes. When boarding an airplane in the north, wear a tracksuit and short shirt. When you arrive at the airport, you can simply remove the running suit and you will be quite comfortable and you will not have to look for the nearest toilet to change clothes. (You won't be the only one with this idea and waiting for an available place to change will be long)

Packing for your trip to St. John is easy. Do not forget to think about occasional when you fill the bag. St. John's not full of fakes. It is a relaxed and relaxing environment. Islanders and visitors are usually adorned with shorts, sandals and casual shirts and tops. While eating, men wear canvas pants and casual shirts while women wear summer dresses. Jackets and suits are certainly not required even in the best restaurants, which are often open-air places.

Comfortable footwear is a must when walking on St. John and you discover many treasures. There is a lot of experience and discovery because John is a 2/3 national park with numerous beaches maintained by the National Park Service along with many historical and cultural attractions. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also a must for protection from the tropical sun.

If the idea of ​​winter is already depressing you, make a date for your trip to St. Petersburg. John. But don't bring a lot of bulky clothes. Think casual and relaxed. Think unbuttoned and free forging. Think how you will feel with your feet in the sand and business winds lightly blowing on your skin.