Senoia, Georgia – Small town jewel

The historic city of Senoia in Georgia is the jewel of a small town. Located forty miles south of Atlanta in Coweta County, Senoia (pronounced Seh-noy) exudes charm and southern hospitality. Senoia is a mecca for film crews and tourists. With 3,300 people, this city has found a way to sell well in the marketplace and avoid empty interpretations and population losses that plague many other small communities. Senoia is a camera-ready Georgian community that works effectively with the film and television industry to bring production work to the area.

The Senoie Center has been used as a filming location for a number of films over the past two decades. Locally, scenes from Miss Daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes, Sweet Home of Alabama, Andersonville, Meet the Browns and Footloose Remake were filmed locally in 2011. Raleigh Studios-Atlanta has a studio of 120 acres and a backlot just outside the city. The Managing Director assists in restoring half of the shops in the center of Senoie. The AMC series "The Walking Dead" made many episodes in Senoia. Senoia, known as Woodbury in the series, was in season 3 walled as a safe zone during the zombie apocalypse. The series was recently resumed for season 5, so cast members and bonus zombies will soon return to Senoie for the movie.

Residents consider Senoia a large southern city. Southern Living magazine chose Senoia twice as a place for his Southern Living house of ideas. The house from 2010 was a luxury 5,000 square foot brown stone residence. Idea House 2012 was a reconstruction of a historic farmhouse before the Civil War. The center of Senoie is home to antique shops, gift shops, boutiques and restaurants. Winning Grammy Artist Zac Brown owns the Southern Ground Social Club in Zac Brown, located on 18 main streets. Readers can enjoy Southern-style meals and a full bar. Once a week, there is live music every night, including an open microphone night.

Residents and visitors of Senoia can enjoy several special events during the year. Memorial Day celebration includes a parade, a show of arts and crafts, and fireworks. The main street is lined with classic cars every autumn at the Cruisin at the Oldies Car Show. The holiday season brings Christmas to the main and Candlestick tour of houses. At the end of spring and summer, zombies can be seen while filming The Walking Dead. Tourists from all over the country flock to Senoie to see the film action.

Senoia has preserved its historical heritage while finding a way to survive in the current economic climate. The visitors received the charm of a small town while enjoying the vibrant center and the true sense of community.