Planning a day trip from Atlanta Airport to Warm Springs, GA

Atlanta has a lot to offer to visitors and residents. Atlanta has everything from family entertainment for all ages to quality shopping, dining and nightlife. But if you are looking for great stays, there are also many tourist attractions nearby just a few hours from Atlanta Airport. One great day trip that is ideal for the whole family to spend together is a visit to historic warm spring, GA, located approximately 65 miles southwest of Atlanta Airport.

Warm Springs, GA is best known for Roosevelt's Little White House Historic Site. The historic site, part of the Georgia State Park system, includes President Franklin D. Roosevelt's holiday home with a portrait posing during his fatal stroke. Roosevelt Warm Springs is just a short drive from the White House. It is a rehabilitation center and a national cultural monument. It is also the host site for the Smithsonian "Whatever Happened to Polio?"

Another trip to the area is not completed without visiting the FDR's Pools and Warm Springs Museum. The pools here were built and used by the FDR to treat polio from 1927 to 1942. Guests can learn about the springs and feel the warm water from the basin.

While in Warm Springs, enjoy the local shopping district for a while. The main street of this historic city offers collector's and antique shops housed in centuries-old buildings. Pine Mountain is also nearby, home to unique souvenir shops, an antique center, art galleries and an emporium.

Another interesting attraction is the Warm Springs Regional Fishery Center and Aquarium. While there you can look closely at the striped bass, paddlefish and sturgeon at various stages of development. Founded in 1990, the Fisheries Center operates the American Fish and Wildlife Service. It seeks to preserve the tradition of fishing.

A great way to end your day trip to Warm Springs is to experience the area on horseback. Riders can move along routes that lead through F.D. Roosevelt State Park when visiting Roosevelt Riding Schools. In the state park you can also visit Dowdell's Knob, a favorite picnic spot for the President of the four-year president. It offers incredible views of the valley below.

GA has a lot of work to do and just a short drive from Atlanta Airport, Warm Springs, GA you must see a getaway. The country, known as the Georgia region, is rich in heritage and history of the FDR. Plan your trip to Warm Springs today.