NFL Week Two Part Three

In the third part of our NFL preview of the second week we look at four NFL games. I review the following games: Buccaneers at Falcons, Cardinals at Seahawks, Rams at 49ers and Chiefs at Broncos. There are some good matches in this group. Several teams are trying to prove this week. Let's look at it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Atlanta Falcons

Buccaneers failed to show last Sunday against Baltimore Ravens. They travel to Atlanta this Sunday to face the inspired Falcons team. Atlanta took revenge on Sunday when they defeated the popular Carolina division. This year, Vick tends to go first and second this year. Will the falcons have an incentive to fight against the Buccaneers team trying not to go 0-2? History says no. Tampa Bay is 15-10 against the Falcons, including 3-0 during the last three meetings.

Select: Tampa Bay Why? I'm looking for them to get back on track.

Arizona Cardinals in Seattle Seahawks

Seattle was afraid last week as they fought the lions in Detroit. In Q4, there was a moment when the Lions could take the lead and really push Seattle. However, like the good Super Bowl team, Seahawks attacked the engine down the field and kicked the game winning goal in the field as time went by. The Cardinals showed an improvement when they defeated the 49ers. This week they will get their first real test of the season.

Selection: Seahawks Why? He always wrestles in week 1 games on the road. They are much better than Arizona.

Louis Rams in San Francisco 49ers

Rams' crime was a suspect against Denver last week. They needed 6 goals to overcome the Broncos. The 49ers showed some improvement as their QB Alex Smith threw the TD passage. Why is it significant? Smith threw only 1 full season, which came in the last game of the year. For rams, this is a simple game plan. Let Jackson hurry for 100 yards and go home the winner. They have 38-0 when they have a 100-yard rake. 49ers defense is too soft to stop running.

Selection: Rams Why? I don't see the 49ers stop running and I like the 38-0 stat. Rams, although not a caliber playoff team, are much better than the 49ers.

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos

It was a bad start for both teams. The worst of all was the Kansas City chiefs. Not only did they lose to Bengali, but they lost their initial QB Trent Green. He could be after the season after the nasty hit. The Broncos came across in the first game, but that was to be expected. Last season they did the same thing and looked as they had finished.

Choosing: Broncos Why? The chiefs start with Huard, and he might be mistaken. No matter. Broncos will be back on track at home. Plummer is already looking over his shoulder because the fans are ants.