Essentials Prom Night

Prom is up to us and you want the evening to be perfect. You found your date or decided to go out with friends, and now you want to make sure it is a night you always remember. There are several items that you will need to ensure that your night goes smoothly. Your evening will be perfect if you remember these simple elements of a ball night.

Formal clothes

Proms are always the time to get dressed in their best formal attire. Young men should rent a tuxedo or wear a black suit with a tie. Jeans are not appropriate, gentlemen, and many schools do not accept young men who choose to wear a casual wear ball. Young ladies should wear evening dresses. However, girls should be careful about the dress they choose. Many enthusiastic young ladies turned away from her prom because her dress didn't follow school dress for the evening. Schools usually frowned at the exaggerated exposure, so it's best if your clothes cover everything you should have at school. If you are unsure about the limitations of dressing your ball school, ask one of the ball coordinators for advice.


There really is only one way to do prom transport right: hire a limousine for the night! Gather a group of your friends and distribute the limousine costs amongst yourself to make them more affordable, or make a special evening by reserving the limousine just for you and your date. Hiring a limousine is a great way to stop both mother and father from worrying. Limousine drivers are particularly safe drivers who are well trained to avoid accidents. If you play the cards correctly, your parents can even help you pay for the limousine, because it's safer than going to dance.

Comfortable shoes

Believe it or not, the thing that ruins most promises is not able to dance the night away because of uncomfortable shoes. Before entering the ballroom, avoid blistering by taking out insurance. Try to break your shoes correctly before the dance. As a precautionary measure, apply several adhesive dressings or pre-cut pieces of moleskin. Ladies may find that friction blocking sticks that rub against the feet as deodorants help to protect the straps from blistering.