Delay layout, stuck at the airport? 10 tips on how to make time to fly

Great travel tips … 10 tips on how to make time to fly while stuck at the airport …

Today's airline passengers face countless offers of delays and long stops.

This vacuum is not always caused by airlines in time. New regulations require

passengers will be at the airport up to 2-3 hours earlier. Then there are long breaks,

and of course delayed flights.

I know firsthand; It's frustrating and boring and often comes to mind

how to spend those boring, wasted hours at an unknown airport. My wife and I are often

fly to Texas from the Virgin Islands and have fallen victim to this travel dilemma …

so we have found something according to necessity, some inventive ways to pass the time you are

stuck at the airport with seemingly nothing to do.

Here are ten tips to help make time pass:

1. Relax, step back, take a deep breath, and think about how you feel.

Instead of thinking about how much you hate the airport, you're thinking about having fun

interesting ways to pass time, ie change mental state. Learn

like an airport and turn it into a “friend”.

2. People watching can literally eat a lot of time. Watch different cultures,

listen to languages, their gestures and attitudes. See if you can interpret

What are they talking about. Grab a cup of coffee or a bottle of water and spend it

For some interesting time watching how couples, groups and different people

interact. It is fun!

3. Do you have your computer with you? Go online. Some airports offer free Wi-Fi

while others may charge. Ten – Twenty spent plug-ins are great

A small price to pay for a service that often helps time slip away.

In addition, you can always deploy your hat on productivity and complete some work that is

still hanging out.

4. When was the last time you sent someone a postcard? Virtually everyone

The airport bookstore has postcards about the city or state you are in

and pen a few words to family and friends. You can even send one to yourself

with some observation when stuck at the airport. Read these comments later

most likely bring a smile to your face.

Pull out the notepad and write down a to-do list for some honey stuff or stuff you do

want to achieve. He might just be amazed at what comes out.

5. Well, here are many people who are hard to do. Talk to a stranger.

It may be outside of your comfort zone, but you will probably be fascinating

conversation. Being out of our normal situation, which seems to be inspiring

honesty, narration and credibility.

6. Many airports have interesting museum displays that change every month.

I recently traveled through Atlanta Airport and they had a great deal

An interesting depiction of hand carved stone figurines of various African

sculptors and artists. I had a video camera with me and spent an hour

to record these unique works of art. Explore the airport where you are …

Look at displays and exposures, you will probably be very surprised by what

the airport that stuck must offer

7. We are always looking for something that might pass. Play the game, work and

crossword, try hand on sudoku. If your family is with you,

Try a game like Yahtzee or Scrabble. Take out the cell phone and do it

best to figure out one of the games that were placed just for a certain situation

like this. This will certainly speed up time.

8. How strange it sounds … Contemplate. Try to focus on just one thing.

Relax from all the stressful things in your life

very positive thing. Clear your mind, rise above your worries.

Find the airport chapel … spend some time there in peace and quiet.

You will find, believe or not, that you will feel better.

10.Check kiosks and bookstores. Read, browse newspapers, magazines

and books. See a list of the top ten bestsellers. Buy a book and take it

back to your gate. Do it soon when there is very little traffic and

it's still nice and quiet, working for me. You should get a good hour

everything for yourself.

Hopefully the above ideas will pass over time while you are stuck

airport. You can always create your own list of ways to spend time and add

those on my suggestions and come up with a great list that works for you.