Rediscover a forgotten garden near Atlanta

The once forgotten Dunaway Gardens near Newnan, Georgia are returning to their former glory and re-hosting visitors and special events. The current owners, Jennifer and Roger Bigham, have undertaken a huge challenge over the past decade to discover the garden's infrastructure and restore its beauty. Today Dunaway Gardens covers 25 acres of natural beauty for […]

Atlanta Georgia – a city too busy with hate

Atlanta, Georgia, is the capital of Southeast America; Although the southern states of America were the last to abolish slavery and segregation, Atlanta has always sought to distinguish from these places as a more liberal, more progressive city. Since the 1960s, Atlanta has been associated with the civil rights movement and has been the main […]

Is there a wholesale for you?

Appeal of regional wholesale Regional wholesale markets provide easy access to goods. They are especially useful for new retailers. These wholesale markets sell various goods and give retailers a taste of the trends to come. The attraction of wholesale markets lies in the ability to see first-hand products. Location regional Most of the fixed wholesale […]

Stay in 5-star hotels in Amsterdam and Atlanta

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. Finding 5 star hotels in Amsterdam is a matter of pleasure, because the best luxury hotels are better in Amsterdam. Although this city is one of the best cities in Europe, it hosts several tourists every year. If you want to explore the whole city, it is […]

My vacation in Atlanta

Last summer I visited Atlanta, the most populous city in Georgia. I was amazed to see the beautiful landscapes, the amazing places, and I was excited about the adventure park experience. I'm a foodie, so I enjoyed a lot of kinds of food there and some of my food tasted the first time. Let me […]

10 things you can do in Atlanta for a budget

If you are visiting Atlanta in the summer, the first thing you feel is high humidity, but that is not the reason to stay inside. There are hundreds of activities and places to explore outdoors, including Atlanta Beltline. It is one of the newest outdoor facilities in Atlanta, representing 22 kilometers of regenerated derelict railways […]

Autumn Festivals in Atlanta, Piedmont

Atlanta's Piedmont Park will be the venue for several major festivals this fall. The popular public park, located in the city center, has been hosting events for over a century. The Atlanta Arts Festival, Music Midtown and Atlanta Gay Pride Festival will take place in Piedmont Park in autumn 2012. Art lovers can look forward […]