Shopping and dining in historic Norcross, Georgia

The historic city of Norcross in Georgia is a twenty-minute drive northeast of downtown Atlanta. The old town grew up along the railway and prospered in the period after the Civil War. Today, many old bricks in the city date back to the end of the 18th century. Once housed mercantils and stables for livery, […]

History of Eastern Airlines

Once considered as one of the “big four” US carriers, along with the US, Delta and United, it was innovative and highly successful and has evolved into the world's second largest airline in its six-year history. Tracing its origins to Pitcairn Aviation, which was created on September 15, 1927, it launched air mail the following […]

Top 5 Airlines

There are several air carriers that provide domestic and international flights. While some serve only regional airports, others offer more routes and are known worldwide. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best airlines. This includes passenger satisfaction and the amount of early arrivals and departures. Airlines are also assessed and weighted according […]

Explore Decatur Arts Festival and Downtown Galleries

Historic Decatur, Georgia is a city that shows off art. Located six miles east of downtown Atlanta, Decatur is home to a variety of shops, galleries and restaurants near the Old Court Square. Every May the city presents its art community during the Decatur Arts Festival. More than 70,000 visitors are expected to attend this […]

Come home for the holidays in Smyrna, Georgia

The Smyrna region of Georgia offers several special holidays. Located just ten miles northwest of downtown Atlanta, Smyrna is an integral part of the metro area. Village Green, its attractive community gathering area, is surrounded by parks and green space. This is the setting to start the holiday season of Smyrna “Going back home for […]

Senoia, Georgia – Small town jewel

The historic city of Senoia in Georgia is the jewel of a small town. Located forty miles south of Atlanta in Coweta County, Senoia (pronounced Seh-noy) exudes charm and southern hospitality. Senoia is a mecca for film crews and tourists. With 3,300 people, this city has found a way to sell well in the marketplace […]

Safety tips for traveling abroad

You may have dreamed of a summer holiday in Europe, or perhaps you may find in your current work that you often have to travel to exotic locations for your business. The prospect of seeing another country, experiencing cultures, languages, and people different from the United States is exciting, but traveling abroad is as dangerous […]

Dunwoody Nature Center

Dunwoody Nature Center is a hidden gem in the Perimeter Mall area of ​​Atlanta Metro. It preserves 22 hectares of natural green space in a growing urban area. The Nature Center is an ideal place to enjoy a picnic, a quiet stroll or to catch sight of wildlife. Meadows, wetlands, pine and deciduous forest provide […]