Atlanta Homes in Dunwoody

Dunwoody offers typical plantations in northern Atlanta in the style of a plantation that is considered typical of the southern states as well as a more modern style of living. Suddenly you wouldn't expect to find apartments in Dunwoody, but now it's announcing because potential new Buckhead and now apartments and high-rise apartments are becoming […]

Punta Cana airport

Punta Cana Airport is not only a pleasant structure for visitors coming to the island, but also an environmentally friendly building that returns to the island environment. When the flight reaches the Dominican Republic, thatched roof and open air design of Punta Cana International Airport cannot be missed. The airport was designed to welcome visitors […]

The best historic bed and breakfast in the USA

A typical bed and breakfast usually offers bed and breakfast. The beauty of staying in bed and breakfasts is a personal, cozy touch that is like a home away from home. For a more private and calmer stay, some travelers prefer breakfast places, with an average of only about six to twelve rooms. There are […]

10 bus questions for a few questions

The big event is near. Fifteen of your closest friends want to enjoy summer nightlife and are responsible for coordinating traffic. So why not consider hiring a local traffic management bus? Since your big event takes place by late night, renting a party bus can offer you the safe transport of your big crew with […]

Fun facts about Nicaragua

DID YOU KNOW THAT… In the 1940s, baseball became the country's most popular sport, thanks to Chino Melendez, Crisanto Adan Balmaceda Castrillo, Alfred Garcia Mencii, Robert Martinez, Alfred Fonsec, Francisco Fletes Silva, Duncan Desmond Campbell Kaine, Timothy Men Hodgson and Jonathan Robinson Lee. DID YOU KNOW THAT… Nicaragua is a small country in Central America. […]

Hiking Roswell's Vickery Creek

Vickery Creek is one of the 15 ground units of the Chattahoochee National Recreation Area in the northern suburbs of Atlanta. The Recreation Area stretches from the Buford Dam River to Atlanta 48 miles from the River. The Linear Park has areas for visitors for hiking, picnic, fishing and launching small boats. The Vickery Creek […]

People travel Delta Airlines for quality

Delta offers its customers who value their best to ensure good flight times throughout the year. Most flights connect via Atlanta GA, but it does not deprive Delta of valuable passengers. Reservation Booking on the official Delta website is very easy. You can narrow down your search for suitable flights based on schedule or price […]

Wren's Nest

The Wren's Nest, also known as Joel Chandler Harris House, is Queen Anne's estate in Atlanta, Georgia, which was built in 1870. It was the home of Joel Chandler Harris, editor of the Atlanta Constitution and author of Uncle Remus, stories , from 1881 until his death in 1908. The house became known as the […]

Seven tips for spontaneous travel

Imagine a day like everyone else. You're going home from work or school or to a grocery store and suddenly … BOOM! There is the old well-known desire to get on the highway and go to sunset, land where the road always takes you. Are you coming with that feeling? Or are you going home […]